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Meet Marco & Michele!

About Us

Marco was born in Switzerland from parents with Italian origins. He decided to settle down in Italy, where he discovered a whole world made of art, culture, history and strengthened his passion for food and culinary traditions. He easily found confirmation of the popular saying “Country you go, tradition you find”. Being curious by nature, he started to wander in Italy. 

Michele was born in the Marche region, he is grown up admiring the hilly landscapes of his land. He works as a sales representative, and as such, he travels a lot for work. Thanks to his job he has fully understood that Italy is not just a single Country, it is made up of many different “countries”, with their own culinary traditions, spectacular landscapes, and historical backgrounds. That’s why they launched themselves into this adventure together, with the aim to transmitting their passion and to make you discover through the experiences what is not on traditional travel brochures. 

Following their passion for the territory and thanks to their local contacts, they built around them a network of collaborations with professionals and friends to make you experience the “hidden” Italy, which is also the most real and pure.


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We are a team of travel enthusiasts and we can share best kept secrets of our regions with our guests.

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